Blackberry Storm 2 Is Confirmed

Jim Balsillie, RIMs co-CEO has confirmed that they are working on a next generation Storm. RIM had largely been criticized for the BlackBerry Storm and its technical issues. Despite all the criticism the Storm had huge sales in the US. With the success of the Storm RIM has decided to make a second device, we’ll call it the Storm 2 for now. Jim Balsillie did not confirm anymore information, just that the device was on the drawing board. His official quote was, “we have next-generation devices with that and the whole roadmap.” I wouldn’t count Blackberry out just yet all you critics out there. They might be a little behind, but in an ever changing technology landscape it’s not too hard to make giant leaps quickly.

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Nikhil May 8, 2009

i’m jus keepin my fingers crossed for this one….

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